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We see NEXUS as an international company which follows a different approach regarding leadership. Those leaders who create the company culture with us together are much more important than only focusing on the turnover.
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The NEXUS Global Academy is intended to provide our partners with an essential basic knowledge of mining, binary options, forex trading, cryptotrading, ICO/IPO and, in the future, gold and silver trading.
Here, in different chapters, depending on which package you have acquired, knowledge can be acquired by reading the content and watching the supporting videos, and this knowledge is also tested in chapter-relevant quizzes.
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Why Nexus?
NEXUS is not only different because of the advanced Multiwallet or because of the multiple income streams, no, the key point is the approach to reach out to everybody worldwide, to connect people from different countries and cultures, not dependent on the status of an individual, all combined with respect, honesty and transparency.
Company structure
The corporate culture of such a young start-up is very much important for us and should not be defined by the company only, but rather directly shaped and expanded by the influence of the distributors, key leaders and partners. This is the opportunity for everyone to make a positive and sustainable contribution to such an international company.
Distinguished partners
We have been able to win excellent partners for the Mining of the very popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Our Mining facilities are based in China and Finnland. The excellent connections to the leaders of this industry have been very important to step into this very much booming market of cryptocurrency mining.
The Nexus Global Team
Christian Michel Scheibener
CEO & Co-Founder
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Michael Thomale
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Manuel Garcia
Marketing Experte
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Arndt Bieberstein
Programming academy
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